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Does Milk Cause Weight Gain?

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On the contrary, it prevents weight gain. However, infants and bodybuilders do gain weight from drinking milk. But such weight gain is mainly because of the protein content of milk rather than fat. Fat loss regimens help shrink the fat cells in the body. Research shows that milk helps maintain the fat cells in shrinked state, thus preventing or slowing the fat cells from bouncing back to its initial size.

Studies on rats have shown that rats-on-diet have lower fat mass when they take dairy proteins and high calcium then when they consume whey, soy or casein protein and low calcium(1).Now moving on to humans, we know that weight loss increases appetite so much that we tend to rebound back or sometime gain even more weight than what we started with. Studies show that milk supplementation diminishes this effect(2).

Why Not Take Calcium tablets Instead of Milk ?

Studies on fat cells show that calcium plays a key role in it's metabolism. While it's true that high calcium diet prevents synthesis of fat cells and helps in it's shrinkage, dairy sources of calcium has shown even greater effect. Milk not only prevents weight gain in those who are dieting and have lost weight but also those who are not dieting(3).

What Should We Do ?

Milk is a super nutrition. If you are afraid of the fat in the milk then buy fat-free milk. Calcium in the milk is more effective than calcium in tablets. Try milk and see it for yourself if it helps you keep your weight in check.


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