Tuesday, 22 March 2011

JUL Foundation PHP for Flash PDF Book

Our original Foundation PHP for Flash book was published entitled as a must-have title when it want to learn how to make your Flash sites to use back-end technologies, the way was in the days Flash 5 and PHP 4 and seen things move pretty fast in the world of web design! This latest, completely rewritten edition again brings together three of the hottest technologies of the Web - Flash, the server-side PHP and MySQL database system. We brought things up to date, using ActionScript 2.0, PHP 5.0 and MySQL 4.1, has designed the book so that the version-neutral. In other words, you can be sure that you are using the latest standards, but that their applications will not break when they are implemented on an older server. The book also provides a brief introduction to an alternative database system, SQLite, which is now automatically bundled with PHP 5 and requires no installation. At each stage of the book You will be an overview of a new field of PHP / MySQL, and lead you through the syntax while showing how it compares to ActionScript, and how it integrates with Flash to produce increasingly complex applications. download
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